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‘X-Files’ actors take a knee in protest against police brutality


The #TakeAKnee demonstration has spread from sports to the world of TV, with performers now kneeling in solidarity of the anti-police inhumanity protest are undertaken by Colin Kaepernick. As the demonstrations gain momentum across the NFL, NBA and even perhaps NASCAR, the conservative backlash clearly isn’t having much impact.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are the latest to join the demonstration, posting a photo of themselves from the X-Files give. This comes soon after the casting of Star Trek: Discovery took a knee on the day of their show’s premiere, with performer Jason Isaacs saying,” If I could take one knee on the bridge I would .”

These symbolic demonstrations were inevitably met by displeasure from some devotees. Many people detest the relevant recommendations of celebrities expressing political panoramas, but it's hard to maintain that posture with a reality Tv sun in the White House. And judging by President Donald Trump’s response to the original NFL protests, it looks like celebrity complains may( unfortunately) garner more presidential attention than periods when millions of people are marching in the streets.

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