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This Year’s Met Gala Theme Is Truly Puzzling

The Metropolitan Museum of Art should construct you think of two things and two things only: Serena and Blair eating lunch aka sharing a single serve of yogurt on the steps, and the Met Gala. Everything else, including most of the artwork, is just playing a supporting role. If you know less about way than Anne Hathaway in, then 1) go Google “cerulean” and 2) the Met Gala is technically an annual fundraising event for the Costume Institute, but truly it’s a status competition among fashion designer and celebrities.

Anna Wintour and a random group of celebrities scheme the occurrence each year in collaboration with the curator of the Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton, and select a theme to showcase. Andrew makes an annual exhibit based on the theme, and the Met Gala is the grand opening. Corporations aka fashion designers’ officer companies buy tables and then invite celebrities to be arm candy.

Anyway , now that the AP US History lesson is over, the 2018 topic was announced this week and we’re already predicting it’s going to be a hot mess. It’s titled “Heavenly Bodies: Mode and the Catholic Imagination, ” so truly simply Beyonce should show up and everybody else can stay home. The exhibit will “express how Catholic belief not only inspired fashion, but likewise helped shape it.” I don’t edit, but the Pope’s shapeless white-hot robe doesn’t genuinely qualify as mode. Is this the Met Gala’s endeavors at get political? Maybe the exhibit will only be a cluster of diamond crossings courtesy of Jay-Z? I have a lot of questions, most of which I’m afraid to put into writing tbh.

Since nobody but Rihanna( and I guess kind of Katy Perry ?) dressed for the topic last year, the celebrity ensembles could be more sacrilegious than that time I blacked out on intercourse wine-coloured. I can see Mike Pence’s tweets now. And like, if I make fun of someone’s kit, are people going to come after me for assaulting Christian appreciates? Serious question. This year’s luminary co-chairs are Amal Clooney, Rihanna, and Donatella Versace, which is candidly the style world’s Father, Son, and Holy spirit. We can only hope that Rihanna doesn’t let people into the event who aren’t garmented for the topic( looking at you, Kendall Jenner ).

We’ll have to wait for the first Monday in May to see how this goes down, but at the least the theme is more imaginative than florals for springtime.

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