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Someone Did A Mashup Of “LWYMMD” And “Toxic” And It’s Actually Kind Of Amazing

Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Established Me Do” isn’t get best available examines from commentators compared to past Swift singles, but devotees are still haunted with it, saying it’s Swift’s most “savage” song and video yet. But person made a remix of “Look What You Made Me Do” and Britney Spears’ “Toxic, ” and I’m not inflating when I say it attains “LWYMMD” one million times more of a bop. “Toxic” is the greatest pop anthem ever written, and you can@ me on that, as well as all of the other music critics who agree with me.( Severely, “Toxic” is widely viewed as one of best available pop carols of all time. You can Google it .) So it’s only natural that mixing it Swift’s brand-new single drastically improves the hymn. To be quite honest, it would do the same thing to any other chant that shares a similar flog. “Toxic” is just that good.

The video made by user AnDy WuMUSICLAND doesn’t only mashup the ballads, either. Nope, it mixes the “Look What You Attained Me Do” music video with the “Toxic” music video, and the visuals from both strangely fit together perfectly. It’s as if these carols were made to be remixed together. The defeats of the respective ballads are very similar as well. A plenty of popping songs in the past have actually( either intentionally or unintentionally) reflected the musical structure from “Toxic” because it’s such a perfect formula for pop music. So basically, “Toxic” is so good, it fixed “Look What You Stimulated Me Do.” Britney did that.