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New Yorker Fires Reporter Ryan Lizza for Sexual Misconduct Allegation

New York( AP) — The New Yorker magazine said Monday it has cut ties with well-known political reporter Ryan Lizza for alleged sex misconduct.

The magazine lately learned Lizza had “engaged in which is something we believe was improper sexual conduct, ” a spokeswoman said. After examining the matter, it cut ties with the reporter.

Lizza is also a benefactor on CNN. A spokesperson for the cable news system told you he will not is available on air while it looks into the matter.

Lizza called that the New Yorker’s decision a “terrible mistake” stirred without a full investigation.

“I am chagrined that The New Yorker has chosen to characterize a respectful relationship with the status of women I dated as somehow inappropriate, ” Lizza said in an emailed statement, adding that the magazine did not cite any company policy that was violated.

He apologized to “friends, workplace colleagues, and loved ones for any embarrassment this episode may cause.”

A lawyer representing the woman building the allegations against Lizza, however, disputed his description of the relationship.

Douglas Wigdor, who has brought a string of sexual-harassment and discrimination lawsuits against Fox News, said “in no way did Mr. Lizza’s misconduct constitute a’ respectful relationship’ as he has now is seeking to characterize it.”

Wigdor said the woman pleases for her identity to remain confidential. She reported his actions in order to maintained him accountable and “in the hope that by being put forward she would help other potential victims, ” he said.

Lizza had been the New Yorker’s Washington correspondent since 2007. He is known for a memorable July interview with Anthony Scaramucci, in which the former White House communications director bashed colleagues in vulgar language. Scaramucci was ousted shortly afterward.

Lizza’s ouster from the New Yorker comes amid in a ripple of charges against powerful guys in media, recreation, politics and other industries that have followed these allegations written against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in October.

Also on Monday, celebrity chef Mario Batali stepped away from his restaurant empire and prepare depict after the reporting of sexual misconduct.