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How Meghan made her mark as a ‘real deal’ campaigner

Image copyright World Vision Canada Image caption Meghan taught children to paint with watercolours on a 2016 visit to Rwanda to see the importance of clean sea

She has sparkle, mode and star quality, as newspaper headline novelists like to tell us. But Meghan Markle also has something else about her which wasn’t always part of the princess-to-be package – but has become a key part of the modern role.

She comes into her new royal role already firmly established as a campaigning personnel.

Indeed, her and Prince Harry’s shared passion for social change was, she says, what get him the second date.

Aged 11, she wrote a letter to the then US first lady, Hillary Clinton, lamenting a rinsing up liquid’s Tv ad strapline: “Women all over America are contending greasy jackpots and pans”.

Within a month, producers Procter and Gamble had changed the word “women” to “people”, she says.