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Disney Finally Casts Its New Aladdin, And People Are Freaking Over The Genie

Disney’s live-action Aladdin’ reboot ultimately has its superstars! Disney announced at its fan convention, the D23 Expo, that the much-anticipated film has at last obtained its superstars after much back ad forth and even controversy.

Disney announced Saturday that the studio had cast Canadian actor Mena Massoud, which is now stars on Amazon series Jack Ryan , in the title role of Aladdin, according to E! News. The casting came after reports that Disney had been experiencing impediment obtaining a Middle Eastern or Indian actor who could sing and act to fill Aladdin’s famous vest-and-fez combo. The reports led Twitter to raise a skeptical eyebrow and point out the plethora of options for the persona.

The announcement of who are capable of play government officials Hottest Disney Prince came alongside confirmation of Power Rangers sun Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, and wait for it Will Smith as the Genie.

There had been hypothesi for weeks that The Fresh Prince would take over the iconic Robin Williams role, but official verification only came on Saturday. The rumors drew mixed answer, with some people really into it, and some not.

With the proclamation on Saturday, some people were thrilled to have the rumors confirmed.

Some people were just, meh about the whole thing.

And some were lane more upset aboutthe casting of Aladdin himself.

After the contention around casting the lead-in, many people recommended their own selects, and apparently some of them get truly attached.

And some people were juuuuuuuuust fine with it all.

Twitter, do you need some liquid? You’re seeming kind of thirsty.

There was also already controversy around the ethnic and ethnic identities of the leads.

Some are upset that there isn’t more Arab representation in a movie whose opening number is called Arabian Nights.Scott is half-Gujarati, Massoud was born in Egypt, and Smith is, as we are aware, from West Philadelphia.

Prior to the casting proclamation, it was reported that Disney waslooking for a Middle Eastern or Indian actor, by preference, to play the leading. Filming is expected to begin in August.

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