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A Defense Of Taylor Swift

Sometime in the brand-new millennium it get very cool to shit on everything popular. Sure, it’s very easy to take the “that’s because everything popular is shit” posture. I’m proceeding take a stance in this article that some can be regarded a #HotTake, but I’m going to fucking stand by this shit and acknowledge that they are able to like something that’s popular unironically, even if that something is, in fact, Taylor Swift. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Let’s take it back a few years, say, 2006. Taylor Swift was new on the incident. She was writing country music anthems and merely being generally genuine AF. She had that curly fuzz that’s literally impossible to get. Seriously , no real human has Taylor circa ‘0 6 fuzz. Anyway, Tay was constructing a pretty solid fanbase of lovesick teenagers and country music followers, aka middle America characters who are just real salt-of-the-Earth people. Recollect that Nashville loved Taylor first, long before L.A. and New York caught on.

No one actually had that big of a problem with Nashville Taylor. The problems truly started after she started crossing over into popping … orrrr it was possible to when she started dating hot luminary dudes and feuding with their exes. Yeah, that’s likely more like it.

So let’s analyze what stirred “youre starting” disliking on Taylor initially: the facts of the case she could date dudes who would never be interested in you. Was that it? Are you secretly jealous of Taylor Swift? That’s so desperate and odd of you. It’s not her defect that Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas and a motherfucking Kennedy fell for her. That has nothing to do with you, honey. So calm down.

And sure, you could argue that she was putting down other women for stealing her mortals –* coughing* Camilla Belle* cough *– but think about this: Taylor “ve never” substantiated who any of her songs are about. It’s kind of fucked up to vehemently dislike person based on supposition, right? What if her anthems are about random non-famous people? I necessitate, they’re likely about famous person, but it simply can’t be able to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ok, you’re probably not buying all this Psychology 101 explanation of “why you really dislike Taylor” shit. So let’s get to this before I have a legit Chris Crocker meltdown in her defense.

If you’ve ever cried in your teenage bedroom to “Teardrops on My Guitar”, if you comprised a bizarre dormitory dance states parties to “2 2”, if you’ve ever smashed “Blank Space” on repeat, you need to step off your Taylor loathe for a minute and be borne in mind all the good times she gave you. I’m not saying you need to bust out an “I heart T.S.” shirt, but they are able to pacify your shit on the abhor for a minute.

Sure, you are able argue “I can detest the person or persons and still like the music”, but can you? Actually? That seems like bullshit to me. And if “youve been” detested her, genuinely, you’d never listen to her again, because every time you do, she’s chuckling all the way to the bank. Suck on that for a second.

I feel like most of this dislike arises from the fact that millennials conceive disliking things is cool. And if you’re ruling that reason out and you hate her for no reason in an Anne Hathaway-type way, I can’t help you.

Yes, I get that it’s difficult to coming in behind an adult who wears Keds, but face it, you’ll devote an opportunity. You still follow her on Insta to envision what she’s up to. You’re sipping a lot of Haterade for someone you’re so preoccupied with.

If you detest her because you’re still mad about the Kanye/ Kim feud, step back and recognise you’re standing your field in the defence of the Kardashians. That’s likewise a bizarre posture to take. Those people do not need you on their back, they don’t even know who you are.

On that mention, neither does Taylor and you’re going to keep buying her music, so it probably doesn’t matter to her whether you hate her or not. Which is kind of like, the betchiest thing you are able to do–she maintenances on making money off her haters and not changing nothing about herself no matter what. I’m into it.

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