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5 Celebrities We Really Hope Never Sexually Harassed Anyone

It’s safe to say that by this phase in the sexual misbehavior discoveries revolution , no one is safe. And by no one, I necessitate no woman is safe because we never have been, and no male performer is safe because legit everyone appears to be somewhere on the sexual predator range.( It’s like the Kinsey scale, except instead of who you want to sleep with, it’s your likelihood of drawing your dick out without approval .) TBH “were supposed” stop looking up to any famous mortals, because sex misbehavior believe that there is the most common side effect of celebrity.

But while it emphatically feels like it’s time to re-write our roster of favorite movies and TV shows to include only those with strong female causes, I am still maintaining onto some shred of hope that not every male performer/ comedian/ TV host is a sex harasser. Because if I have to toss out any more of my favorite DVDs because Kevin Spacey the ace is a disgusting piece of shit, I’m going to lose it. So to Hollywood and the year 2017, I beg of you: Please don’t let any of the following precious mortals also be pigs. We requirement some good ones on our screens in our lives.

1. Tom Hanks

Is there anyone more wholesome than Forrest Gump? Tom Hanks even made a relationship with a volleyball seem endearing. Look, I know Rita Wilson is a badass betch so I doubt she would stand for any bullshit, but if the working day I have to boycott or when it’s on basic cable because Tom Hanks is ruined, I’ll die. I’ll simply die.

2. Ryan Gosling

Hey girlfriend gross male entitlement, don’t destroy our favorite meme actor. I may or may not have a recurring dream in which Ryan’sing me like he did in while he whispers feminist sweet nothings in my ear. My nightmares would literally be crushed if it turns out he’s a creep–so merely no, delight. He’s Canadian though, so it’s reasonably unlikely. They request permission and apologize for everything…right?

3. Jeff Goldblum

I know he plays a really great creep in the movies, but IRL he is everyone’s favorite uncle/ jazz musician/ dinosaur scientist. Like a fine George Clooney wine-colored, he gets better with age, and I simply couldn’t take it if someone gave me a legitimate reason to take him off my “exception list”. P.S. recollect when he posed in someone’s dino themed marriage photos? Ugh, I love him.

4. Channing Tatum

I’m said he hopes that its own experience of being objectified by girls as a stripper in south Florida would make this pretty unlikely, but it’s 2017 and he does have a penis, so anything terrible is possible. But Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum are legit couple objectives and I’m counting on the fact that Beyonce would never step foot on stage with him unless he was anything but perfect, so I think we’re good here.

5. Alex Trebek

I’ll take “entirely unacceptable” for $600, delight. Trebek has graced our screens for what feels like centuries now and joins simply Tom Selleck in the club of men who appear better WITH a mustache. He’s the only person that can make me feel simultaneously stupid AND cared for–and generations of women, aspiring contenders, and the best SNL sketch of all time would be ravaged if he turned out to be anything but wholly( and consentually) huggable.

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